Military action in Syria: Where I stand

A number of people have contacted me with concerns about Wednesday's vote (2 December) on military action in Syria. Similar questions are being asked so I am going to try and deal with them all in this statement. How will you vote?In 2013, I voted against military action on President Assad's forces in Syria. After much thought, I will support the government for the following reasons: 

Tampon tax

There is a lot of misinformation out there regarding the so-called 'tampon tax' that I feel needs to be addressed. Women and campaigners have every right to be angry - but their anger is directed at the wrong people.

Migrant crisis

I fully understand and entirely share the widespread concern over the sensitive issue of migration and refugees.

Velothon Wales

I am well aware of the increased level of anger among businesses and residents in Monmouthshire over the Velothon Wales cycling raceon Sunday (June 14).


Why I voted against military action in Syria.