BBC accused of 'institutional' bias

The TV licence fee will become ever harder to justify if the BBC fails to address its “institutional bias”, an MP has warned.

Monmouth MP David Davies claimed the corporation’s future could be put at risk unless the problem was dealt with.

BBC urged to stop describing radical Islamic clerics as 'conservative'

The BBC should stop referring to radical Islamic clerics as ‘conservative’ and call them the extremists they are, a Tory MP has said.

Monmouth MP David Davies claims the broadcaster’s choice of language is “inappropriate” and “deeply offensive” to Conservative voters.

Calls for clarity over future of new Gwent super-hospital

An MP has called for clarity over the future of a multi-million pound super-hospital for ill patients in Gwent.

Plans for the purpose-built Specialist Critical Care Centre (SCCC) on the site of the former Llanfrechfa Grange Hospital near Cwmbran were unveiled by health chiefs in 2008.

New PM and cabinet will give Britain the stability we need

Speaking after Theresa May took over as Prime Minister and unveiled a “bold” new cabinet, Monmouth MP David Davies said: “The outcome of the referendum result meant that big changes at the top of government were inevitable.

Brexit: UK votes to leave the EU

Today is a day to be magnanimous and not gratuitously rude to those who have genuine concerns and voted for Remain. I think we all acknowledge we face a period of uncertainty and difficulty.