My regular newspaper column: Your MP Writes

The “establishment” consists of people with leading roles in big business, the media, the law, the civil service and elsewhere. They believe their wealth and education means that they know what is good for the country better than the people who live in it.

VIDEO: EU Withdrawal Motion

Watch in full my speech during today's debate in the House of Commons on the UK's withdrawal from the EU.

No-deal Brexit not a big deal

“The last few months have seen frenzied attempts to ramp up ‘project fear’ to hysterical levels by those who are opposed to Britain leaving the EU,” Monmouth MP David Davies has said.

My regular newspaper column: Your MP Writes

Politicians should dampen down the fear of a no-deal Brexit and stop trying to portray it as some sort of Armageddon.” This was the message I got last Monday on a visit with the Welsh Affairs Committee.