Llanfoist residents' anger at unfinished housing development

Frustrated residents claim their unfinished housing estate is an eyesore and has been left in a dangerous condition by developers.

Eighteen months on and homebuyers at Ffordd Sain Ffwyst in Llanfoist are still waiting to see the site fencing, landscaping and top road surface laid.

Fed-up with being unable to get a clear answer from housebuilder Persimmon as to when work will be completed, residents have taken their complaints to Monmouth MP David Davies.

Mr Davies visited the new estate with local County Councillor Giles Howard, ward member for Llanfoist Fawr, who accused Persimmon of “brushing-off’ residents with vague assurances that “all was in hand”.

“Residents were under the impression that when they bought these houses work would be quickly finished,” said Cllr Howard.

“I’ve received reports of some activity on site, although the contractors don’t appear to have clear instructions from Persimmon.

“Patience is starting to wear thin and people living here simply want the developer to finish the job.”

Disgruntled buyer Les Keen said Persimmon had given “appalling” customer service.   

“It has been almost a year and a half since we all moved in and despite repeated phone calls and emails, Persimmon refuse to tell any of us what their plans are,” said Mr Keen.

“And yet when our County Councillor presses them for answers they have the gall to say they keep us regularly updated.

“To be kept in the dark about this for such a long time shows how poorly they view their long-suffering customers.

“We sincerely hope that David Davies can get some sense out of them.”

Expressing his disappointment, Mr Davies said he would be calling on Persimmon to “sort out the mess they have left”.

He said: “The road is in a terrible state. It has not been properly levelled or surfaced and residents have said this is damaging the suspension on their vehicles.

“At the back of the estate is a big unsightly metal fence which leads down to a steep bank and has yet to be landscaped.

“I am sending a strong letter of complaint to Persimmon on behalf of residents and asking for a completion date.

“After purchasing a new home, the least people can expect is a comfortable and safe environment in which to live.”