"Don't Persecute Our Friends" Says Monmouth MP

David Davies, the MP for Monmouth, has today written to Gordon Brown to request that a local charity group not be charged VAT on the funds which they have raised for much needed equipment at Nevill Hall Hospital in Abergavenny. Speaking from Monmouth today, Mr. Davies said, “The League of Friends has contributed tirelessly and selflessly to the running of Nevill Hall Hospital, and the fact that they may have to pay backdated VAT fees will inevitably be a huge burden to them. “The Friends have managed to raise money for a myriad of projects, from the refurbishment of the Bereavement Area to the supply of operating chairs, medication lockers and numerous other pieces of equipment. All this has been achieved with a loyal team of around 160 hard-working volunteers who claim nothing back for their efforts. Every penny of the funds they raise are put straight back into the hospital. “Any payment that they may be forced to make will inevitably have a detrimental effect on their future projects, and it seems to me that the only loser in this situation will be Nevill Hall Hospital. Therefore I have written to the Chancellor of the Exchequer to request that, in light of the special circumstances, the demand for back-payments be cancelled.” “The Friends do an outstanding job and I do hope that they long continue to serve the community with such a level of dedication and that people continue to get involved in their excellent work”