David T C Davies MP at the House of Commons, 24th October 2018 Prime Minister's Questions: Gender Recognition Act

MP questions PM on Transgender policy.

Monmouth MP David Davies raised the issue of transgenderism with the Prime Minister in Parliament this week.

Mr Davies has questioned plans to enable people to make it easy for people to change their legal gender and is worried about the impact it would have on women’s rights to privacy.

Women’s rights groups are concerned that some men will be able to register themselves as female and will then have a legal right to use women’s hospital wards, women’s changing rooms and go to women’s prisons if convicted of an offence. A transgender prisoner who insisted on their right to be placed in women’s prions recently was carried out a strong of offences on female prisoners within days of arriving. Mr Davies is concerned that the government’s proposals could make these events much more commonplace.

In the exchange on Wednesday the Prime Minister agreed to ensure that the Equalities Minister will meet with a victim of sexual abuse who is campaigning against self id of gender as she believes it will put women into unnecessary danger.

Mr Davies said: “I have always been a strong supporter of this government but on this issue they are in danger of making a big mistake. I believe it would be utterly wrong to allow people born as men, who have male bodies, to register themselves as female and have full right of access to areas where women expect privacy.” 


Prime Minister's Questions (PMQs) 24th October 2018: Raised a question with the Prime Minister Rt Hon Theresa May.

"Women who have concerns about proposals to change the Gender Recognition Act 2004 that would allow self-definition of gender have had their meeting venues cancelled, have been subject to intimidation and have even been dragged into courts as a result of private prosecutions. Will the Prime Minister agree to a short meeting with a victim of sexual violence who believes that these plans will needlessly put more women in danger?"