In defence of Andrew Mitchell

As a Conservative MP I publicly opposed the increases in the foreign aid budget under Andrew Mitchell's leadership. As a Special Constable in London I have spent 8 years working side by side with regular officers and experienced first hand the verbal and sometimes physical threats which the police all too often face.

So it might surprise people to learn that I believe Andrew Mitchell has been badly treated by the police, the Conservative Party, and the media. I want to speak up for him and I also want to make clear that neither he nor anyone else has asked me to do so.

MPs pay

An independent body (the Senior Salaries Review Board) used to make recommendations about MPs pay and expenses. MPs would then vote on whether to accept the recommended figures, or whether to cut them down or increase them.There was a great deal of public anger about the fact that MPs had the final say over their own salaries and expenses. It was therefore decided that MPs should no longer any right whatsoever to take decisions over their pay and allowances. The power was handed over to another organisation. IPSA and MPs have been legally prevented from influencing IPSA in any way.

What do politicians have against smokers?

Recently the Government have announced that they will consider bringing in plain packaging for cigarettes, the Assembly want to ban smoking in cars while over in Brussels they are trying to ban "e-cigarettes" - those things that look like fags but emit no smoke whilst still delivering the nicotine than smokers enjoy.

David's occasional E-Newsletter

Welcome to my new E-Newsletter. I felt that it might be useful to keep everyone informed about what I am doing in Parliament and in the constituency. I have deliberately kept it brief whilst providing links to anyone wanting further information about any of the subjects mentioned. I hope you enjoy reading it and would value any constructive feedback.