Costain losing public support

Monmouth MP David Davies has warned that the contractor responsible for dualling the A465 Heads of the Valleys road between Gilwern and Brynmawr is rapidly losing the support of the public.

Caution urged over transgender law concerns

Plans to allow people to change their legal gender without a medical diagnosis and broadening access to sex-change drugs for children should be met with extreme caution, an MP has said.

My regular newspaper column: Your MP Writes

A small number of people in public life (yes I am one) have been pointing out that despite all the hysteria surrounding climate change, the earth has not warmed since 1997. For our sins we have been called “sceptics”, “flat earthers”, “deniers” and worse.

Cadets v MP Challenge

Army cadets have put a local MP through his paces after accepting a fitness challenge to see if experience or youth would win.

David Davies threw down the gauntlet to Gwent and Powys Army Cadet Force (ACF) in a battle of five physical training exercises against the clock.

Prime Minister's Questions (PMQs) David T C Davies MP raised a question on the law needing tightening to prevent mistreatment of vulnerable young people through prescribed potentially life-altering sex change drugs

In my constituency of Monmouth, children as young as 12 have been labelled as transgender and prescribed potentially life-altering sex change drugs. Does the Prime Minister agree that the law needs to be tightened to prevent this potential mistreatment of vulnerable young people?

Transgender rights versus women's privacy

At party conferences it is normal to face an airport-style frisk. Although not overly intrusive, it is always done by someone of the same sex and many people would strongly object on grounds of privacy if it were not.

Dementia unit closure proposals criticised

Proposals to shut a 15-bed dementia ward at Chepstow Community Hospital have been criticised by a local MP.

Aneurin Bevan University Health Board has earmarked to close St Pierre Ward as part of a wider redesign of mental health services for older adults.