The village that signs forgot

A group of Llandogo residents campaigning for action to reduce speeding have met with local MP David Davies to seek out more support for the campaign.

The A466 Monmouth to Chepstow road runs straight through the village and is often subjected to speeding cars. A police speed operation in 2015 showed that around 87% of vehicles travelling through the village were exceeding the limit. The average speed was 37mph but many cars were doing way in excess with the highest recorded driving through at over 70mph, clearly racing along what they see as an open road. When in reality they are within proximity of the local primary school, village hall, and children's play area.

Mr Phil Moore explained that even this was not the full story as many cars slow down to some extent in the centre of the village then speed up again at both ends as they leave.

“There is a school here but no zebra crossing or any other kind of signage” Mr Moore told David Davies. “It is a miracle that we have not had a serious incident”.

Mr Moore and other residents handed over a piece of research detailing the measures in place in every village along the A466 between Chepstow and Monmouth. 

All the villages apart from Llandogo had a range of high visibility measures in place to discourage speeding.

David Davies said:

“Residents have made a powerful case that they are being left out when it comes to measures designed to reduce speeding. High visibility signage of some sort exists in all of the other villages apart from Llandogo. Obviously signs do not discourage those who take no interest in speed limits but many people will slow down if they see a reminder.

Mr Moore and his group have done a fantastic job of bringing this important health and safety issue to everybody’s attention. I would like to fully back the campaign and will be writing in support of it to the Council.