Statement on £10m high street rates relief scheme

Commenting on details of the Welsh Government’s £10m targeted high street rates relief scheme for 2017-18, Monmouth MP David Davies said:

“Obviously, as I think people are aware, business rates in Wales are dealt with by the Welsh Government and not the UK Government. As an MP, I have no say over what happens in the National Assembly.

“I am, however, encouraging everyone to write to Finance Secretary Mark Drakeford and have put out letters urging him to delay implementing these rate increases.

“That said, I believe there’s a wider issue here over the whole principle of business rates in a digital age where more consumers are shopping online and putting the traditional British high street at risk. I will be contacting the Chancellor about this.

“I do note the UK Government is offering £3.6bn in transitional relief for businesses in England. The proportionate amount for Wales would be around five per cent or £180m.

“But so far, the Welsh Government has only announced £10m.

“We certainly need a much bigger amount of money to be set aside to help retailers facing enormous rises in towns and communities across Wales.”