Staff and learners show how they are adapting to coronavirus lockdown

Teachers have been demonstrating how they are coping in hub schools during the coronavirus lockdown.

Hub schools enable anyone classed as a key worker, such as those in the NHS, supermarket staff, police officers and delivery drivers, to go to work and place their children in an educational environment. 

Monmouthshire County Council runs seven hubs offering a mix of childcare, educational and physical activities to keep children safe and occupied throughout the day. They are managed by school-based staff and operate between the hours of 8am and 6pm.

With the UK and Welsh governments considering reopening schools in the near future, Monmouth MP David Davies visited the central hub at Raglan CiW VC Primary School to thank teachers for their efforts and see for himself how staff and learners are adapting to these challenging times.

He was joined by Councillor Richard John, Cabinet Member for Children, Young People and MonLife.

Mr Davies said: “There are very high standards of hygiene in place with a lot of hand sanitiser being used and ongoing cleaning of surfaces.

“Children are spaced apart unless they come from the same household. There are clearly a lot of lessons here to be learned about how schools can be reopened, although it is certainly not going to be without difficulties.”

Cllr John added: “The teaching staff have been absolutely outstanding. I would like to thank Mrs Rowlands and other headteachers for everything they have done to create a safe environment at Raglan and all those other teaching staff who have been happy to come in and ensure that key workers can continue to do their jobs.”