Severn bridge tolls to be scrapped on 17 December

Monmouth MP David Davies who has long campaigned for the end of Severn Bridge tolls has hailed an announcement today to scrap them completely on the 17th December.

Mr Davies Chairs the Parliamentary Welsh Affairs Committee which has led a number of enquiries into the effect of the bridge tolls on the local economy. Speaking this morning he said:

"The high cost of crossing from England into Wales over the Bridges has long been a source of resentment for local people and frustration for business owners.

Everyone welcomed the reduction which took place last year and the commitment to end the tolls but some people were starting to worry about when this would happen.

Today's announcement gives a welcome clarity. Ending tolls on the 17th will be a welcome Christmas present for businesses in Monmouthshire which will be able to welcome an increase in visitors and shoppers to the area. 

The Government's decision to end Bridge tolls now needs to be matched by a commitment from the Welsh Assembly to build an M4 relief road. They have been discussing it for 20 years, now is the time for action.