"Lock 'Em Up" says Monmouth MP

David Davies, M.P. for Monmouth, last week backed calls for tough new measures to ensure that paedophiles can no longer merely receive cautions from the police for their crimes.

In a House of Commons debate David supported a new piece of legislation which will ensure that people caught in possession of indecent photographs of minors will now have to appear before a court rather than just being let off with a warning.

Speaking from Monmouth today, David said, “The statistics paint a horrific picture, one which shows the UK justice system in an extremely disturbing light. In the past two years police have cautioned 807 people with offences related to the child pornography. I think anyone would agree that this is a staggering figure, and I have no doubt that some, if not many, of these people went on to re-offend after their caution.

“While I understand the use of cautions in some instances, it simply beggars belief that people who are abusing and sexualising children in the most despicable manner should be allowed to continue to roam the streets without answering for their actions in a court of law.

“I am well aware of the life-changing effects that abusive actions can have on the victims of such vile crimes, and I wholeheartedly believe that those who prey on innocent children should not be able to exploit the fact that the police are overworked and we do not have enough spaces in our prisons. The consequences of these crimes are simply too great for us to allow this to happen.

“The wide support for this Clause will ensure that the Government puts this matter front and centre of its strategy to combat the endemic criminality in the UK, a move which I welcome. I shall be continuing to press them on their commitment to making this country a safer place to live and to restoring the shattered public confidence in the UK’s justice system.”