"Let the Gurkhas Serve" Says Monmouth MP

David Davies MP today wrote to the Ministry of Defence to find out why ex-Gurkhas who have fought bravely for the British Armed Forces are unable to join the Territorial Army in the UK. Speaking from Monmouth today, David said, “It strikes me as absurd that these people who have put their lives on the line as members of the British Forces and are now living and working in the UK cannot join the Territorial Army because of their nationality. It seems that because Gurkhas are Nepalese citizens they cannot be accepted into the ranks as they are closed to all but British citizens. “The irony is that Gurkhas have been involved in British Army manoeuvres for nearly two hundred years and served valiantly during the First and Second World Wars. They have consistently proved themselves to be brave, professional and determined, and they would be a huge boon to the Territorial Army branches. I know that there are numerous ex-Gurkhas in the Monmouthshire and Newport area who have expressed keen interest in getting involved but this possibility is, at the moment, denied to them. “I do hope that the Ministry of Defence will consider revising their policy and finally allow Gurkhas to continue to serve the UK in the dedicated fashion that they have for nearly two centuries.”