Gloves are off in parliamentary fist fight over Brexit

A leading Welsh supporter of Brexit has warned of a two month long “parliamentary fist fight” over Britain’s departure from the European Union.

Monmouth MP David Davies voted for Theresa May’s withdrawal deal but following last week’s historic defeat in the House of Commons, he said it was clear there is no mood “for any form of compromise”.

As the Prime Minister now looks for a way to break the deadlock by trying to resolve Irish backstop concerns, Mr Davies urged MPs on all sides to consider any improvements with an “open mind”.

But he said it is becoming increasingly likely that the UK will either leave the EU on 29 March with no deal - or abandon Brexit.

“The emails I have been sent suggest that those who voted Leave are now even more committed to leaving, and those who voted Remain are uninterested in any kind of ‘soft’ Brexit and simply want to stay put,” said Mr Davies.

“The truth seems to be that sadly there is no mood for compromise on this issue in or out of Parliament.

“I have always believed that the UK should make its own laws, be responsible for its own borders, and not hand over billions to an organisation which cannot properly account for it. I campaigned on this basis during the 2016 referendum and again made clear my complete support for Brexit during the 2017 general election.

“Over the coming weeks, I will vote in any way to ensure that by the end of March we are out of the EU. It is possible that a further compromise agreement will be offered and I would consider it with an open mind. But if Parliament is unable to agree on a compromise, then we should leave anyway at the end of March.

“Withdrawing Article 50 and telling the public they got it wrong and that MPs know better would be unacceptable, as would holding a second referendum. The British people have voted and should not be expected to do so again just because MPs don’t like the result.”

Mr Davies has issued a fuller statement here.