Flood support workers thanked following Storm Dennis

Workers who helped with the emergency response and clear-up after Storm Dennis left parts of Monmouthshire under water have been thanked for their efforts.

Monmouth MP David Davies and Monmouthshire County Council leader Peter Fox visited a few of the “local heroes” on Friday who have been working flat out to minimise disruption following the “unprecedented” flooding which hit the county last week.

The River Wye reached a record high of 7.15m (23ft) in Monmouth, with rescue teams having to use boats to rescue people trapped in their homes by rising water. Landslides and falling trees also blocked numerous roads.

Mr Davies and Cllr Fox began at the Welsh Water treatment centre in Mayhill, which was put out of action by flooding. With the pumps underwater and electricity shut off, customers were asked to reduce their usage due to a limited storage of drinking water.

Bottled water stations were set up and a fleet of 40 tankers was brought in to maintain supplies in the local reservoirs while engineers worked around the clock to install new pumps and disinfect the entire area.

An enormous logistical operation meant water supplies were not lost - despite problems getting the lorries into Monmouth itself due to the flooding – and Welsh Water announced the Mayhill site was back up and running as normal on Sunday.

Some tankers will be kept in the area as a precaution for the next 24 hours, the company said.

“Dŵr Cymru have been absolutely magnificent,” praised Mr Davies during Friday’s visit.

“Peter and I did not want to get in the way but we felt it was important to pop in and express our sincere thanks on behalf of the town to the scores of people from Welsh Water and the contractors who made sure that clean water continued to flow even though this whole area was completely flooded a few days ago.

“We were really pleased to hear that some local residents had got there before us and delivered cakes and hot drinks when they realised what was going on down here.”

Cllr Peter Fox said the council had been “blown away” by the response of Welsh Water.

“It really has been a fantastic effort in unprecedented times and we can’t say a big enough thank you for the speed Welsh Water worked to deal with this situation,” he said.

The two politicians also visited the council depot at Mitchel Troy where staff from the local authority have made and distributed thousands of sandbags.

Mr Davies, who tried his hand at filling a few sandbags, said it was hard physical work.

“The staff at Mitchel Troy worked 24 hours a day to get out thousands of sandbags,” he said.

“I am glad that many were taking a well-earned rest when we called but I hope they all know how grateful we are.”

Cllr Fox added: “These dedicated people and many others throughout the county have worked above and beyond, hardly stopping for the last week.

“When we visited on Friday they were still flat out filling and delivering sandbags.

“We are blessed with great people in Monmouthshire County Council.”