David Davies Slams Government's "Christmas-time Scrooges"

David Davies, MP for Monmouth, today launched a stinging attack on Government Departments, who he accuses of “sweeping Christmas under the carpet”. Mr. Davies, who exposed an apathetic response to the festive period in a number of written questions to the Government at the end of last year, will be writing to the Minister for Equality to demand a full investigation.

Speaking from Westminster today, Mr. Davies said, “I find it absolutely incredible that Christmas was given such a low profile by the Government, while they openly celebrated many other religious dates. The Department of Transport, for example, shuttled workers across the country to events celebrating Chinese New Year, Diwali and Asian Mela, but all they could manage for Christmas were a few memos advertising Whitehall Carol Concerts.

""The Home Office held an expensive party for representatives of the Sikh, Muslim and Hindu communities in the run-up to Diwali and Eid, but no similar event was organised to celebrate Christmas. Yet again they seem to be forgetting the majority of the country and showing clear and lamentable bias towards minority religions.

“Government Departments have been falling over themselves to prove that they are politically correct and culturally-aware, but all this has exposed is a level of institutionalised anti-Christian sentiment that I find appalling. Over 70% of the country consider themselves to be Christian, yet the Government has all but ignored them in its quest to prove its PC credentials.

“Quite why the majority of the country should be marginalised by Departments such as the Home Office and Transport is beyond me, so I shall be writing to the Minister for Equality in the hope that she might be able to shed some light on the matter.

David now intends to find out what, if anything, the various Departments are planning to do to celebrate Easter in April.