"Bring in Workfare" Says Monmouth MP

David Davies, the Conservative MP for Monmouth, today voiced his support for hard-hitting new policy that will mean that able-bodied young people will no longer automatically be entitled to unemployment benefits.

The bold and controversial measure, known as “Workfare”, has been mooted in countries across the world, including the United States, Australia and New Zealand, and will force able-bodied young people wishing to claim benefits to undertake work in the community.

Speaking today from Monmouth ahead of the Conservative Party Conference in Bournemouth, David said, “One of the greatest domestic problems we currently face stems from a combination of unemployment and a lack of respect for law and order on our streets. I have recently been spending time with the Heddlu Gwent Police, and have seen first hand the number of disaffected youth who seem content to spend their lives drinking throughout the day and brawling at the taxpayers’ expense.

“It is high time we dealt with this social malaise by getting these capable young people off the streets and giving them something to work for and towards. They need to understand that if they are not willing to give to the community then there is no reason why the community should carry on giving to them.

“Of course there is a world of difference between someone who has worked for twenty years and has suddenly been made redundant and a youth who simply cannot be bothered to look for a job and this will be reflected in the scheme. In 1990 I found myself out of work, so went to a jobcentre and found myself employment collecting glasses at Ritzy’s Nightclub in Newport (now Clubnight). After a few weeks I was offered a place on a management training scheme, which I declined, but the moral is that even from the most menial of jobs new opportunities can open up.

“I will be looking to raise this with the Conservative Work and Pensions team as I firmly believe implementing Workfare will have huge, positive and long-term effects on British society and is exactly the kind of forward looking, effective policy that will serve the Conservative Party well as we move towards the next General Election.”