BBC Programme Cuts Cause Storm in Monmouth

Farmers across Monmouthshire have reacted furiously to the recent axing of “Farming Today” from BBC Wales’s schedule and have been writing to their MP, David Davies, requesting that he look into the situation.

Speaking from Monmouth today, David said, “I can fully understand why farmers are aggrieved at having their fifteen minutes of news taken away from them every morning. I frequently have to get up early to journey to London, and I will invariably switch this programme on while on my travels. It is a show which has proved, quite rightly, to be exceedingly popular amongst the farming community of Monmouthshire.

“I have no idea why they have scrapped it from their schedules – surely there isn’t much demand for anything else at that time in the morning. I have written to Radio Wales to demand that they let us know why they have decided to marginalise a large sector of the Welsh population in this way”.

Farming Today, which is broadcast by BBC Radio 4, has long been seen as a valued programme for those working or interested in the rural community.